Dawn Raid

R.E.S - Red Eye Society
Dawn Raid Entertainment 2006

01 - Intro
02 - Silence of tha Beef
03 - Caution
04 - Sometimes
05 - Bad Muthaf••kaz
06 - Tha Face
07 - J.O
08 - Urban Islander
09 - Phone Call Interlude
10 - Bad Day
11 - Femme Fatale
12 - Porn Face
13 - Steps 2 Freedom
14 - Triumph

Cover your children’s ears, because this is some certified street music. Exploring an area of hip hop untouched thus far in our nation, R.E.S warns that, “you don’t wanna play out some scene from Crime Watch”, yeah! Protagonists JesOne, Tech Swift, Venamous and producer Nate D take charge on their new assignment for the street oriented Clientele Records, created by the mighty Dawn Raid, and invite you on a ride through the darker alleys of Onehunga. Hardest hitting tracks include Silence of the Beef, Caution and Bad Muthafuckaz where JesOne truly shines. The crew explores a more chilled vibe on Bad Day, and addresses the ladies on Femme Fatale, but never lose their hoodlum edge and credibility. Nate D’s beats have a unique sound although some of the snares can sound average. His bass kicks are flawless and the double-time hi-hats and orchestral influence compliment each emcee’s style nicely. Finally we have an album for the hardcore heads who love that ignorant, rowdy, smash something attitude. I recomment buying a dozen beers, inviting some mates around, blazing something, and throwing ‘Red Eye Society’ on – see where the night takes you.

Andrew Hughes, NZ Musician

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